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Pilatus Comparator Solutions ensures reliable global sourcing of comparators for your clinical trials and biosimilar studies. Read more about our Supply Chain here.

We make it easy

Pilatus is easy to do business with and organised to give you maximum support whilst sourcing comparator and biosimilar products for your clinical trials.

Working with pilatus

Delivery Focussed

Pilatus Comparator Solutions is an established leader in the global procurement of comparator and biosimilar products for clinical trials run by CRO’s, CMO’s, hospitals, universities and Clinical Trials Units. Our dedicated teams are focussed on delivery.

When you work with Pilatus Comparator Solutions, you are assured of first-class customer service thanks to the support of our experienced and organised team. Here is how your support team will be structured:

1. Account Manager – your dedicated first point of contact.
a. In-depth understanding of the clinical trials industry
b. Problem-solving approach based on up to date market intelligence
c. Plans and schedules comparator supply for your clinical trial

2. Project Manager – responsible for the delivery of your comparator.
a. Always available to discuss your project and give regular, insightful feedback
b. Manages the process of sourcing through to delivery
c. A solutions-based approach providing the best possible outcome for your trial

3. Quality Rep. – coordinates the safe and reliable processing of your order.
a. Experienced representatives work from our approved and validated SOPs
b. Constantly available to coordinate the processing and delivery of your order
c. Co-ordinates all documentation requirements to support your order

4. Pilatus Directors – always available to offer guidance on your project.
a. Vast industry experience in supplying clinical trials
b. Solutions-based approach offering the highest level of customer service

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